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Gun Control? Really?

The only ones they’re hurting with gun control are the honest good citizens that would like to have some protection in their home or perhaps the occasional sport hunter. Besides, do they really think they’ll stop some “twisted” person from getting a gun if they really want to?

Now, I’m not talking about automatic weapons. They’re unnecessary. But, simple hand guns and rifles in themselves are not a threat to our society.

I heard about a guy who was told “Guns kill people!”. Well, he had a gun and decided to place it (fully loaded) on his front porch of his busy small town neighborhood. Low and behold, people drove by, people walked by, kids played in the neighborhood and more. That gun never got up once and did anything! Now, either people are wrong when they say guns kill people or he has one really lazy stupid gun.

Way more lives (in this country) are lost as a result of people driving automobiles. Now, there’s something that could use more control. I’ll guarantee you that if every driver was made to take a thorough professional driving course before they were allowed to drive and then retested every 5 years, we would lose more than half the drivers on the road today. Is that ever going to happen? No. So, if they’re willing to look the other way when it comes to all the deaths caused by automobiles, why the big push for gun control?

Click the gun for a good video on gun control. gun image
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