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Do you know what’s missing today?

The “Home” phone!

It used to be that you called the “House” when you wanted to talk to someone.

You never knew who might pick-up the phone and you would end up saying “Hi!” to.

I remember as a kid I would call my friend’s “House” and more often than not, someone else picked up the phone. It could be a sister, brother or maybe the Mom or Dad. Heck, it might even be Grandma! Many times the conversation went beyond just “Hi!” and you actually got to know a little about the other people in the “House”.

With today’s cell phones, we’re missing out some valuable communication. If I call someone, what are chances someone else will “pick-up” the phone and answer it?

So, here’s what I suggest. Unless you’re expecting an urgent call, if there are other people in your home, leave your cell phone out on the kitchen table while you’re in the house and tell the other people at home that if they hear it “ringing” (or whatever does), to go ahead and answer it. Sure, there’s a chance that no one will hear or answer it. But, is that so bad? There’s always voicemail.

Let’s stop being so isolated and start talking to more people. Would it be so bad to make another friend?

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