Be Careful of What You Wish For

How many times have you thought to yourself: “If I could just have one wish…”

I can’t help but thinking of the movie “Bedazzled” (2000 remake) where the lead character (played by Brendan Fraser) gets the devil (played by Elizabeth Hurley) to give him 7 wishes.

bedazzled-thumbThis hilariously funny movie reinforces the old saying “Be careful of what you wish for!”

If any of you have been around a while (like I have), I’ll bet there were hundreds if not thousands of times you wished you could just have one (or if you’re greedy, more…) wish(es).

It sounds simple enough. But, when you look deeper into what you want, you’ll start to see there can be all kinds of repercussions. Some or many of not what you really wanted at all. If you’ve seen the movie I mentioned before, you’ll know what I mean.

Does that mean that we should never wish some things were different? No. That’s not I’m saying.
Many people have had their wishes come true. Maybe not exactly in the way they wanted. But, for the most part, they got what they wished for.

It’s just human nature to wish or hope for something. Often it’s what keeps us going. And, that’s what we need to do; keep going.

May your wishes come true.

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